Who we are.

An enthusiastic, high-tech company, Givotech exists to make the difference.
About Us

Our vision and presence has been strengthened through the explicit understanding of all aspects and acknowledging their importance.

Our Orientation

Established to develop and exploit unique robotic technologies with the aim of tackling specific industrial needs and challenges.

Our Technologies

Our core technologies involve wheelchair accessibility, logistics, transportation, and warehouse customized robotic systems.

Our Target

We aim at a global establishment and sustainability, by earning a respectable place in the mind of the targeted customer sectors.

Ramba: A flagship technology.

Unique , Versatile & Durable

In Givotech, we are dedicated in bridging the gap between the limited accessibility in buildings and every individual that gets affected.

Ramba offers a zero installation footprint. A unique and ergonomic design, that does not require any operational assistance for the wheelchair user.

Ramba offers unique operational versatility. One Ramba product can serve several locations within the same building or the same area, transforming them to fully accessible premises.

Universal accessibility without any limits. Adjustable to stairsteps or elevated surfaces providing accessibility even in places without stairs, such as archaeological sites.

Key features include a complete autonomy for 30 cycles of 10 stairsteps, safe operation on angle inclination of up to 35 degrees, and lifting capacity of up to 350 kg.

A few words.

Revolutionary wheelchair accessibility solution

Ramba enjoys the unique advantage of taking the lead over competitors, with capabilities of commercial success on a global scale.

Ramba innovation
• Enhanced feeling of safety
• No permanent installation
• Suitable for Outdoor environments
• Accessibility even in places without stairs
• Locomotion ability in different outdoor environments (streets, pavements, uneven soil-graven Terrains and concrete-bitumen surfaces)

• Load capacity up to 350 kg.
• Can ascend and descend ramps and stairs up to 35°.
• No installation & operational footprint.
• Serves both manual and powered wheelchairs.
• Exceptional power autonomy.

The RAMBA project.

Title: Portable and foldable robotic wheelchair ramp with no installation footprint, disrupting the universal accessibility of wheelchair users and people with impaired mobility
Acronym: Ramba
Code Number: SEED/0719/0144
Abstract: Concerns about accessibility in Europe are ever-growing, while wheelchair users encounter many problems in making their way into buildings or public spaces. On a global scale, accessibility is primarily an issue mainly for morphological-architectural, sociological and cultural reasons. A large portion of the non-accessible buildings and places do not have the architectural properties to do so whilst on the other hand, buildings with cultural heritage and historical significance won’t approve any intrusions to their current infrastructure.

Currently, no existing product fulfils the needs and offers a holistic approach in resolving this major issue. For this, we have designed Ramba, an autonomous wheelchair accessibility system with unique features. There are four major topics that Ramba aims to tackle; Accessibility, Versatility, Modularity and Cost effectiveness.
Ramba is a revolutionary patented product that allows wheelchair users to automatically ascend and descend stairs without any assistance on angle inclinations up to 35o. This disruptive technology provides universal accessibility for wheelchair users and people with impaired mobility in various kinds of staircase types and stairsteps, as well as stairless surfaces. Ramba has a unique and ergonomic design enabling the easy assembly and quick on-site deployment. Ramba is supported by cutting edge robotics to ascent and descent stairs and stairless surfaces, without any installation or operational footprint, and can navigate in different outdoor environments (streets, pavements, uneven soil-graven terrains and concrete-bitumen surfaces).

The Ramba SEED proposal initiated from a fully functional prototype that was tested, validated and demonstrated to wheelchair users. Through the SEED project Givotech aims at developing a solid roadmap on how Ramba will efficiently enter the transition phase from a prototype to a consumer ready product.
Acknowledgement: “The Project SEED/0719/0144 is funded by the European Union Recovery and Resilience Facility of the NextGenerationEU instrument, through the Research and Innovation Foundation”.

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